Joint tour guide course

Retraining joint course Tour guide+Prague guide offers more detailed and in-depth study of all subject fields. The course will acquaint you with history and geography of the Czech Republic and other EU countries. This is a unique opportunity to obtain European education in the field of tour guiding.

The cost of the retraining course may be covered by your Labour Office.

Work activities: Tour guide, professional qualification exam 65-021-N

Work activities: Prague guide, professional qualification exam 65-028-N

Passing these exams will allow you to obtain the highest degree of guide qualification in compliance with the EU legislative. Our educational programs are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.

For those, who already own the European Specialization Certificate, this gives you the opportunity to deepen your professional knowledge. This course will save both your money and your time.

Price of the exam:

CZK 700 – first date for course graduates

CZK 1500 – supplementary (corrective) test date

Tour guide+Prague guide course includes the study of the following disciplines:

  • Czech history

  • History of EU countries

  • World history

  • Geography

  • Geography of EU countries

  • World geography

  • Psychology

  • Leading of excursions

  • Tourism

  • Tourism services

  • Economics and law

  • Stress management

  • Solving of unusual situation in guide’s work

  • Traditions, customs and legends of Czech lands

  • Traditions and legends of EU countries

  • UNESCO Monuments in Czech Republic

  • UNESCO Monuments of EU countries and others


The exam is drafted according to the standards of the national Qualification Sets and takes place in accordance with so-called qualification standard. The exam consists of the professional part – specialization (test, practical and oral exam), language part (language according to your choice). If the course participant has a language level corresponding to the European standard B2 or higher the language part of the exam is not compulsory. In case if the course participant doesn’t have a document proving the passing of the language test, confirming the language level, the language part of the exam will be taken in accordance with the examination rules. The exam is approved by the Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic.

The authorized person conducting the professional competence exam in the field of Tourism is Mgr. Ilja Kocian (employee of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic).