Prague Tour Guides

Aims of the course:

Upgrading professional competence level of actively working guides, improving knowledge of the region - Prague, detailed routes elaboration  

Tasks of the course:

providing the students with maximum possible information about the tourist city of Prague: starting with historical cluster to entertainment and cultural events. Detailed review and analysis of guide's mistakes while planning the travel route for the purpose of excursions optimization Review of potential and possibilities of the region, inspection of perspective destinations in excursions

Having finished the course, the students will know:


  • history and legends of Prague;

  • geography of the region;

  • main destinations in tourism;

  • perspectives of city development;

  • basics of psychology;

  • routes planning;

  • providing of first aid;

  • using of illustrative material;

  • skills of communicating with tourists;

  • irregular/conflict situations solving;

  • etc.

The course includes the following disciplines:

  1. Geography

  2. History

  3. Architectural styles and schools

  4. Political and economical organization of the regions

  5. Psychology in tourism

  6. Tourism and travel services

  7. Basics of management in travel industry


  9. Advertisement and insurance in travel industry

  10. First aid

  11. Culture and traditions of the region

  12. Czech language

  13. Culture of speech

  14. Irregular problems solving