Where to go in November? A few tips for tour guides.

Published: 07.11.2016
Куда отправиться в ноябре? Несколько советов для гидов.

In November many tourist attractions are closed. In spite of this Czech Republic remains a country with an infinite amount of options for travel. Every tourist will find here something attractive and memorable. Here are some tips for tourist trips in November.

 Ctěnice castle

Romantic castle Ctěnice is located in the north-eastern edge of Prague. Ctěnice was built in 1550 in the Renaissance style as an old Gothic castle. In 18th century it was rebuilt, this time in classicism style. In 1993 it passed under the capital authorities control.

There is a magnificent park surrounding the castle. In Ctěnice area you can find some outbuildings and stables. The castle is proud of its permanent exhibition "Crafts in order" dedicatedto the history of craft guilds. Visitors can stay in a romantic castle hotel.

Castle Rožmberk

Rožmberk is one of the oldest castles belonging to the famous aristocratic family Vitkovci. Its history begins in the 13th century. In 1620 the castle passed into the possession of the family Buquoy. Nowadays the castle has a romantic Gothic look. The castle is open for visitors all year round.

Sports Car Museum Lany

The museum presents about a hundred of showpieces. The collection consists of racing and sports cars from the period of 20th years of the last century to the present day. Tourists are attracted to the museum mainly by the cars of Formula 1.

There is a restaurant and a hotel next to the museum. You can also visit the neighboring castle Lany.

Here are just a couple of tips for traveling with tourists. But of course there are much more options. An inventive guide will always find a thousand ways to surprise tourists at any season of the year.

Source: www.kudyznudy.cz

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